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Plastic Mini Hexagon Bubble Bottles (Set of 48)

Plastic Mini Hexagon Bubble Bottles (Set of 48)


Plastic mini hexagon bubble bottles 1.75"

Set of 48 (One Color)

Available Colors:

Neon Pink, Light Blue, Silver, Blue, Brown, Pink, Neon Green, Black, Lilac, Red, Burgundy, Yellow.

Wedding bubbles are the perfect way to add fun and whimsy to your wedding ceremony! Adults and kids both agree, blowing bubbles is more fun than throwing rice when the bride and groom leave the ceremony. Each bubble box contains 24 hexagon shaped plastic bottles with bubble wands. These adorable wedding bubbles are ready to decorate with colorful ribbon, roses, or personalized stickers. The bubble fluid is safe for the environment and non−toxic.  

0.3 ounces bubble solution per bottle
Environmentally safe
Hexagon shape bubble bottle design.
Each hexagon bubble bottle includes bubble wand

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