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Balloon FAQ's

* Q. If you are out of stock on an item, will you make a substitution? We do not make substitutions unless you specifically request it. We also do not generate backorders. We will call you to let you know of any shortages so that you may substitute or change your order.

* Q. Are your balloons blown up when I receive them? All balloons – latex and foils – are shipped flat due to shipping requirements. Most balloons would not “survive” the shipping process if preinflated with helium. The exception to this would be the 4” & 9” air filled foil balloons.

* Q. OK, so they are not blown up… where do I get them inflated? If you do not have access to a helium tank, we suggest that you check with your local grocery store, florist or party store. Most will inflate your balloons for a fee.


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